Innovation is the key to
accelerating business performance

and creating an unbreakable competitive advantage

If results matter, innovation is a necessity

the purpose of ınnovatıon is to

Elevate performance

In pursuit of reaching a business’s performance potential, improvement can only take you so far. At some point, performance reaches a level of diminishing returns where the juice is no longer worth the squeeze.

Whether it be a process, a product, an employee retention strategy, a customer experience tactic, or anything in between, current performance will tap out and something new will be needed to elevate performance to the next level.

what ıs the dıfference
between ınnovatıon and ımprovement?


The result of a new solution that creates substantial value and enhances the lives of people.


The result of making an existing solution better, faster, leaner, etc.

whether you want to…

  • Grow the business and sell more products
    and services
  • Increase efficiencies and eliminate waste of
    precious resources
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Conquer labor and supply chain challenges
  • Create more revenue streams and stronger
    business models
  • Create a stronger and more resilient culture
  • Inspire employees to reach their potential
  • Enhance the effectiveness of remote, hybrid,
    and in-person teams
  • Become a top business to work for
  • Create an unforgettable employee experience
  • Deliver a better customer experience
  • Grow or diversify the customer base
  • Deliver products and services that enhance the lives of your customers
  • Adapt and pivot based on environmental and marketplace challenges
  • Address competitive threats

you have two choıces


Either you can keep doing that you’ve always done and slowly become less relevant to employees and customers, or


Innovate, stand out from the crowd, and become a business that everyone wants to join and no one wants to leave, customers and employees alike.

Innovatıon can ıgnıte

from anywhere

ıf you are wıllıng to fuel ıt

Product & Services

Products and services are typically the most famous types when people think about innovation. They are how customers engage with your business. Do it right, they can be your golden eggs. Do it wrong, people move on - quickly!

Strategy & Operations

Gone are the days of year long strategy creation and planning. If you view strategy and planning through the lens of innovation, you uncover opportunities to better clarify your future, strengthen alignment within your team, and create larger momentum faster!

Customer Experience

At the end of the day, customer experience is the innovation goldmine. Create an experience that makes people scream "I can't afford NOT to!" and performance will go through the roof!

Business Model

Business models are not just about money. They are how your business creates, delivers, and captures value. Business model innovation can take even the simplest product and completely change the future. Ever heard of Zappos, Amazon, and Netflix?


Process is what makes things work. Every process has a lifestan, and your resulting products, services, and customer experience rely on your processes. Process innovation is severly underappreciated, and it can be the difference between good and truly exceptional!

Problem Solving

Problem solving is something we do every day, so should't we be great at it? Well, not really. If you want to create, deliver, and capture value, along with reaching for higher levels of performance potential, you must become innovative problem solvers!

Ignite growth and Employee performance

by developing a core competency ın systematıc ınnovatıon


The ability to create ideas. Learn how to leverage each person’s unique superpower and uncover solutions that stick.

The collısıon poınt

A systematic innovation core that creates
an untouchable competitive advantage.


The How-To-Guide to sustainable innovation. Insource the process, tools, and mindsets that create confidence and predictability.

Human-centered DesIgn

Solutions that address a true need, want, and desire. Learn how to build solutions that create a reaction of “I can’t afford NOT to!”

Do you want to know where your collision point is?

Get in touch and let’s find out!

Ignıtıng Innovatıon

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about derek

Author| Professor| Speaker | Coach | Consultant


The most innovative solutions in the world were built by passionate people. Collaborating with an outside expert can elevate the outcome by helping clarify your strategy, build the right process for your business, and focus your employees energy in a way that captures significant results in a short period of time.

ExecutIve Coachıng

Even the best athletes in the world work with world-class coaches to sharpen their skills and elevate their performance. Having an innovation expert to collaborate with and act as a thought partner will not only improve your skill set, but also make you a better leader.

Speakıng and Events

Innovation is a beautiful thing, and there is so much more to it than meets the eye. I love inspiring people to view the world in few ways and watching new aha! moments spark. No matter the occasion, people always seem to gravitate towards the conversation around innovation with curiousity and engagement.

Workshops and Traınıng

Knowledge is king. Training and education have tremendous ROI, and when coupled with the right experience, it can continue to pay off in spades well into the future. Whether you want to upskill your team or get from A to B quickly and more effectively, investing in your human-capital can be the difference.

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“Derek’s latest book is arguably the best articulation of a business’s desire for performance and innovation that I have ever seen. The way he makes innovation approachable and executable is truly rarefied air.”

SVP of Sales and Software


To be bold,

If you want to stay relevant to your employees and your customers,  innovation is a must have, not a nice to have. So let’s talk.